My (so-called) dairy free life

January 24, 2014

CKT goat cheese cheesecake

I have been dairy free for three weeks. George had signs of a dairy intolerance (not sleeping, crazy diapers, constant congestion, etc.), so since I am still nursing our doctor recommended I cut out all dairy as a first step (contrary to popular belief, this does not include eggs–hello mayonnaise!).  I had to go cold turkey and let me tell you it has been an adjustment. It’s not necessarily hard, more just something I could not get through my head. Everything usually gets salt, pepper, and parmesan in my world (right, Kathryn?). And I make cookies for a living. And, how do  you not not even nibble on the goat cheese cheesecake served at the shower you hosted? It’s a lot to remember. I am not particularly great at restraint…especially when it comes to food.

I also feel so unnecessarily shy having to tell waiters that I have a dairy allergy. Or having dinner at a neighbor’s house becomes a bit awkward when you call ahead with your food restrictions.

Thankfully my cousin, Monica, gave me some great dairy free ideas. Coconut milk ice cream anyone?! We are finally seeing improvements for George! A lifetime of dairy takes a full 14 days to produce a normal baby diaper. We are still working on the sleep. Baby steps.

Have you ever tried a cleanse, diet, or do you have a food allergy?

ps- remember this?

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